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Moving Hurts My Head But Change Is Good

Oh-mi-goodness! Charter Van Lines will depart Inwood, NY and head to Asheville, NC with our belongs in T-Minus two or three days (according to a text from their scheduler). There are roughly 45 boxes spread throughout our one bedroom apartment and I personally have packed maybe two of them. 

Last week, Augustus handed me a medium sized box and encouraged me to pack the beautiful antique dresser that Britt Hall recently gave us. I looked between the empty box in my hands and the eight drawers and immediately felt overwhelmed. "I'd like to pack all the essential oils in one box, but I'm not sure where the others are at this moment. And I don't think I really need a lot of this stuff, should I release some now as I go?" He stared at me blankly, began pulling out drawers and dumping them into the box. Not meanly, just efficiently. "Let's decide when we arrive" he replied calmly.

A few days later I attempted to pack the bathroom cabinet filled with my vitamins, hair products and feminine products. "This hairspray bottle is too tall for this box. I can lie it down but it may be harder to fill the rest of the box." Augustus again looked at me calmly and suggested I not worry about packing but rather prepare for my upcoming appointment. Then he packed the entire bathroom in a half hour. This describes the dance we've been doing around all of these boxes. 

Today I sat in my "prayer chair" with my eyes closed to meditate as I do every morning. This time I was listening to Oprah and Deepak's 21-day free meditation experience and smiled as I heard packing tape screeching in the background. Even now, as I am pecking away at my MacBook Pro to write this, my husband is clearing out the rest of the desk's belongings around me.

According to University Hospitals (or, the top five most stressful life events – in no particular order – include:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Major illness or injury
  • Job loss
  • Moving
  • Divorce

I have already survived the first three, which makes moving to another state seem easier in comparison. Although I have moved several times since the traumatic brain injury, this time somehow feels more important because I am moving to a new state, into a new home, with my new husband! 

I feel as if we are at a crossroad and shifting directions towards our next greatest good. New York City has been an incredible adventure, filled with wonderful memories and friendships. The city will always be here if we decide to return, but for now, the Blue Ridge Mountains are calling us home. Exciting possibilities continue to unfold in divine order. I can't wait to see what will happen next!

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