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Anxious April

"Nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul." This affirmation now hangs over my bathroom mirror. I used it as a guidepost for my first major life transition after I got married six months ago. My husband and I traded in our lovely Riverside Drive apartment view in New York City for this breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains here in Asheville, NC. We toured six apartment complexes here and moved into our new home at Asheville Exchange less than two weeks later. 

This affirmation was an especially helpful tool to remain centered when life got chaotic. It was an eleven-hour drive to our new home, which took us two days to complete. We received a call from the Charter Van Lines moving company that our furniture was still in storage in New Jersey ten days after it left our apartment in NYC. We camped on an air-mattress until our furniture and 99 boxes were finally delivered late on a Thursday night (fourteen days later), and the movers actually walked out of the door in the early hours of Friday the 13th. 

Charter Van Lines long awaited, late night delivery

Charter Van Lines long awaited, late night delivery

Despite all of our best intentions in the organized chaos, we had no choice but to "go with the flow." We used the affirmation "Nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul" and choose how we were going to be affected by these hiccups in our plans.

My daily routine has completely changed from life in New York City. While I believe it is one of the greatest cities in the United States (if not the world), it wasn't until I removed myself from NYC that I was able to see just how difficult that life really was for me. I had grown comfortable with the pace of Manhattan, its sense of urgency and felt hypnotized by its conveniences. Yet I realize now how stressful the nonstop, frenetic energy of the city is. Time has significantly slowed down here in these mountains, like waiting in line at the grocery store. 

I am discovering a natural rhythm and new way of living. Life here is much more peaceful, yet finding that peace has not been so easy. They say it is suppose to take at least a month to recover from moving, it has been almost a month and I am still recovering. I am going at my own pace. All things are working together for my best and highest good, and I am allowing things to flow in divine timing. 

Home sweet home

Home sweet home

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