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Living In The Flow

I experienced the flow today. What does that mean for you? I usually imagine a perfect spring day that unfolds just as planned. Being in the flow is unique for everyone, yet I imagine it feels magical to all. I awoke energized and ready to seize the day having gotten a full nine hours of sleep. It started with reading the Daily Word:


Taking time each day to give thanks for blessings received and those coming my way is energizing. It is amazing what simply expressing gratitude for being alive can do. I feel such excitement for the possibilities waiting to be fulfilled. This is the very definition of zeal.

The divine presence within energizes & excites every cell of my being. My eyes are open to all the wonderful opportunities that exist around me. Zeal keeps me feeling joyful no matter what appearances seem to be saying.

My enthusiasm is infectious to those around me. When others notice how passionate I feel, they are inspired to follow my example. I am thrilled to be a force for positive change. My zeal for life increases as I use it to touch the lives of others."

I read it aloud over the phone to my prayer partner while observing our daily practice. This started me off in a positive state of mind, despite how gusty it was when I stepped outside. The forecast was unpleasant, the kind of windy, wintery mix that required an umbrella. Mine was occasionally pelted by hale, which was like being in an imaginary snowball fight. Several neighbors I passed were struggling with their umbrellas which were flipping inside out. Some smiled as I passed and belted out "I'm singing in the rain!"

An A Train pulled into the Dyckman Street station just as I reached the platform and my favorite subway musician and I boarded the same car. Crosswalks kept turning to the safe-to-walk sign as I reached their intersections. Available cabs appeared on the horizon each time I thought to hale one. Strangers held open doors for me as I approached them, and parking attendants smiled broadly as I passed them. Nearly every interaction was blessed with kindness. I smiled all day. Wow. This is when being in the flow transitioned to living in the flow. 

Today felt easy for me despite the weather. Like the rain, this sense of ease continued to unfold. The storm seemed to lighten the attendance in the usually crowded Pilates class so there was plenty of room for my mat. After finishing a particularly therapeutic session with my neurophysiologist, I met friends nearby for dinner at Spring Natural Kitchen where the bartender treated me to a Hummingbird, their delicious signature cocktail. 

The greatest blessing of all happened when I was boarding the train and a fellow passenger still standing on the platform exclaimed “Excuse me!” and pointed to where I had been sitting. There on the ground was my wallet which had slipped out of my coat pocket! I was especially grateful for this kindness because I have been affirming that my wallet will always remain with me, during this divinely ordered move. Some might choose to say during this chaotic time of living out of boxes!

When I was a VP at Hunter Public Relations, I was a master event planner. I was good at my job because I anticipated problems and determined their solutions, if they should ever be needed. For example, I planned a cooking contest and convinced the New York City Parks Department to allow my staff to build fires in Riverside Park. The fires, which were meant to mimic campfires, were strictly prohibited in New York City parks. However, by thinking ahead and hiring NYC fire department personnel to staff the event, I was able to create a great outdoor experience where meals were prepared over these campfires and paired with wines provided by my client Redwood Creek. 

Now rather than anticipating disasters or problems, I imagine and visualize perfect outcomes for whatever I may be doing. When at my computer, at a hair salon or while walking towards a train station, I picture right outcomes and use positive self talk. For example whenever I appear to be running behind schedule I often say aloud “Time is expanding for me”! Rather than trying to force an outcome, I am learning how to “go with the flow”. 

By strengthening my daily prayer and meditation practice, I am learning that I can feel this flow of divine energy in my life at all times throughout my day. Even on those days when crosswalk lights seem to be turning red all day, subway train doors may close right when I approach them, or when cabs appear to be missing I do my best to stay in the flow. Whenever there seems to be a lack of proof or evidence of my good, or on those certain days when I may feel disconnected to this flow, I have discovered that I can access it again simply by changing my mind and making a new judgement about how an experience is affecting me.

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