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Today Marks Eight Years Without You

Posted in Blog on September 22, 2015.

I was enjoying your familiar, passionate kiss, and your goatee even tickled my nose. When I suddenly awoke in our bed laying beside Augustus. I felt the quick sting of guilt, as I realized I was in love with another man who was not you.

A moment of clarity passed and I realized you were not here anymore. My husband of less than one year died eight years ago. We would be celebrating our wedding anniversary today.

Relief washes over me. I am not cheating on my husband.

It is the first time I distinctly feel your absence since falling in love again. Although I may not always be aware of the signs, your being in my dream is a clear communication of your presence in my daily life.

My heart continues to heal, and has been opened to receive your subtle messages. You are happy for me, you are glad I am kept safe and you believe Augustus is a great man. Thank you for watching over us, and for still loving me.


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