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Posted in Blog on October 1, 2016.

A highlight of our love story, told from both perspectives.

Augi: So I was on my way to Lake George to participate in something I’ve only dreamt about for most of my life. I was invited to be the “cabana boy” for my cousin Joanna’s Bachelorette Party. I was told there would be about a dozen women and me. Since I was newly single, this was a Godsend. I grabbed my wingman Laurence and we headed to the lake house…

Angela: On August 20th 2014, one of my favorite people, Joanna Prisco, invited me to a place I’ve never been, an Adirondack lake house. I showed up wth a bag full of tank tops and summertime clothes, but soon learned these would be woefully inadequate as Lake George can be quiet chilly even in the summer. I had to pick up a mid-sleeved Hague t-shirt at the market, as this was the warmest item I could find.

Augi: We pulled into the driveway with anticipation about how the girls would react to two dudes crashing their bachelorette weekend. With a bit of awkwardness, we opened the door and all their hungover eyes were upon us. The slew of monogramed mason jars confirmed they had partaken the night before.

Angela: I arrived in a beautiful but unfamiliar setting with friends who I had recently met at the Bridal Brunch a month earlier. We called ourselves #TheLadiesOfTheLake. Augi arrived the next day and was sitting in the Great Room playing a guitar. I was taken aback by how familiar the scene was, a large very handsome bald man playing a guitar much like my deceased husband Rich. The familiarity made me uncomfortable so I purposely created distance between us.

Augi: As the night progressed, I was able to deduce that their were only a couple of single ladies in the crowd, or at least unmarried. One of which was an attractive blonde named Angela. During the previous Fourth of July weekend, an elderly fisherman passed away on the lake (God rest is soul). Out of respect, the fireworks were postponed and as fate would have it, they were rescheduled during the bachelorette weekend. As an expert of Lake House party flow, I knew that viewing fireworks from the roof would put everybody in a playful mood and that would help me play the field. During the course of the weekend, I continued to notice Angela’s sweet attributes: a quiet demeanor, sunrise meditations, and a sexy everything else.

Angela: On the last morning, we enjoyed a boat ride with Captain Adam. The ladies sat underneath a blanket on the bench in the back. Thank goodness I had that Hague t-shirt, because I later discovered he loved the way it’s looked on me. I was equally impressed by how handsome he was at his cousin’s wedding a month later.

Augustus: Many of you may know my first name is Adam. The nickname Augi came about when a couple of friends found out my middle name is Augustus. In truth, I had begun contemplating going by my middle name and little did I know Angela would make this transition for me. On the day of my cousin’s wedding, I saw Angela in the distance near Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park. She waved in my direction and began to run towards me. I was so excited!! Until she ran right past me into my parents arms… which was still nice. In a previous conversation with my buddy Laurence he said that Angela and I seemed compatible. I told him that if she showed up to the wedding alone, I’d make sure to ask her to dance. Which I did during the very first song.

Angela: I was assigned to a table with the #LadiesOfTheLake and a few asked me how I felt about cousin Adam. I hoped he would ask me to dance and then he coincidentally joined our table and sat right beside me. We had lots of laughs and even filmed a congratulatory video together for Joanna and Kai. Then the first song came on, and he asked me to dance. A few songs later, we needed a break and cooled off by a fan near the bar. All of a sudden, he kissed me passionately and we were both like “what?!” This led to dancing and fun the rest of the night and he even offered to make sure I got home safely on the A Train. We snuggled the entire ride.

Us: After two months of courtship, we began to develop feelings quickly unbeknownst to one another. We both wanted to say I Love You but were naturally hesitant. One day, we sat on a bench by a koi pond in the Ring Garden. Angela played a song by Martina McBride, which she played previously but didn’t let Augustus hear the chorus, which was “I LOVE YOU!” Augustus’s response without hesitation was “I love you too.” So on November 16, 2014, we changed our FaceBook status to “In A Relationship.” Fifteen months later, on Valentine’s Day 2016, we changed it again to “Engaged.”


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