Raising Awareness for Brain Injury



Angela Leigh Tucker

On July 31st, 2008, my new husband Rich and I were driving home from a Yankees baseball game on the New York State Thruway when an 18-wheeler on the other side of the median jackknifed over a concrete wall and crashed into us. Six-weeks later, I awoke at Westchester Medical and learned my husband was killed in the crash.  We would have celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary while I was in the coma.

Angela1 died that night and Angela2 was born. Angela 1 and 2 are very different people. Angela2 gets lost more frequently, becomes distracted more easily, moves more slowly and sleeps a lot more. But she is a rockstar! When I came to this understanding, I stopped trying to return to the shoes of Angela1. They simply didn't fit anymore. 

At the beginning of this recovery, Angela2 was a depressed, medicated widow who had lost her career, her home, and her independence.  I would never again be a Vice President of Hunter Public Relations. Through prayer, meditation and rehabilitation, I am finally able to fully love and embrace the new me.  I found love again and married Adam Augustus Renzi on Labor Day 2017 aboard the Adirondac Steamboat in Lake George, NY.

Brain injury recovery is a life long journey and this website will document my story as it continues to unfold.