Chicken Soup for the Soul: Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries: 

Whether you are recovering from a traumatic brain injury or supporting someone with a TBI, this collection of 101 inspiring and encouraging stories by others like you will uplift and encourage you on your healing journey.


Me Now - Who Next?

The Inspiring Story of a Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

Angela Leigh Tucker had not expected death that day. Newlywed, thirty years old and a successful public relations professional, she and her husband were driving home when a semi-truck hurtled over the center-lane divider and crushed their SUV. Her husband died on impact. She was left hanging onto life by a thin, golden thread. With her brain severely injured and her neck, shoulder, and ribs broken, she had instantly lost everything but her will to live. In the two years following the crash, with the help of doctors, therapists, friends and family, she fought to recover and to rebuild an entirely new life. This is the inspiring story of her recovery. 

Praise from the book

"You are an inspiration to us all! Not only your will to live but your determination to help others has been an inspiration to me and all of your adopted spiritual family. I am so happy you have shared your story with the world. Everyone should read this wonderful and inspiring book. You have recovered wonderfully and are making us all proud to know you. You represent the best in us all and will continue to help others by your example!" Thomas Marguccio

"Everyone has that one friend that has the ability to shine. That person who just lights up a room every time they walk in. I remember the second I got the phone call that there had been an accident and it seemed like no one knew what would happen. I remember going to visit the ICU and saying “if there is anyone on earth who will come out of this it’s Angela Leigh Tucker. She isn’t the type to just get better. She will get better and help others get better. She will change people”. She later gave me strength when I needed it most. She is the person who taught me that after the darkness light will shine again. So for anyone who has ever been through a rough time .I highly recommend you read her story." Melissa Schor  

"I found the book motivating and definitely inspirational. Bill did an awesome job researching this topic and applying it into the book.  Many dedicated hours and unconditional love from friends, family, strangers and professionals contributed to your recovery. More than a year now I have been unmotivated about continuing my business.  But after reading the book and meeting you, I am motivated again and see things differently." Alvin Narciso

"A must read! Angela’s dramatic story of recovery was beautifully told by Bill Ramsey. It’s also a story of friendship, love and faith." Roxanne Griffith

"Inspiration! Angela and her story is a true reminder for us all to stay positive and truly focus and appreciate what is most important in life. Her determination pre and post- accident is unlike no other. Her ability to use her tragedy to help others is remarkable. I teach third graders and am so excited to share this story with my students tomorrow, and teach a lesson on being positive and never giving up!" Kim Hentze

"This is quite a story and Bill conveys many of its important essences and messages in a straightforward way. He addresses many key TBI issues in an accessible approach. This is a pretty rounded picture of Angela and much of her supporting cast. He keeps her human and clearly paints her specialness too." Phil Vanaria